Haunting Images Show Thousands Of Cars Destroyed By The Massive Tianjin Explosion

Volkswagen lost almost 3,000 cars total.

What happened yesterday in Tianjin, China, was a human tragedy first and foremost. A massive explosion ripped through warehouses in the port city, claiming 50 lives (so far) with 12 of those being firefighters. Over 500 more were sent to the hospital. When day broke the full extent of the damage from the fire and explosion could be seen, and it was staggering. In addition to the loss of human life and property damage thousands of recently imported cars were destroyed by the fire and explosion.

These photos show rows of charred vehicles from manufacturers such as Volkswagen and Land Rover. Tianjin is about 75 miles away from the Chinese capital of Beijing and serves as the major port city for northeast China. As a port city it’s a first stop for a lot of foreign cars that are sold in Beijing and other areas of the northeast. According to Jalopnik, which cites a Chinese source, Volkswagen seems to be the hardest automaker hit so far. It lost about 2,750 cars to the explosion, including over 1,000 Touaregs and nearly 400 Beetles. If you were wondering just how intense the explosion and fire in Tianjin was then these photos should answer your questions.

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