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Have All LaFerraris Been Recalled For A Fire Risk?

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Ferrari is still officially denying it.

Although we have still yet to receive official confirmation from Ferrari, a few sources including The Supercar Kids and Autoblog.NL are reporting that all 499 examples of the LaFerrari have been recalled. The reason? Speculation has it there's a potential fire hazard. Ferrari is believed to have notified all LaFerrari owners with instructions on what to do next, which very likely involves heading straight to an official dealership/technical center.

But get this: dealers, service teams, and even customers have reportedly been forbidden from discussing the topic. For its part, Ferrari is denying that any recall is taking place, claiming this is nothing more than regular LaFerrari maintenance. However, there a few additional rumors regarding the problem. One claims it's a paint issue while another is saying that an additional electrical non-conducting coating has been applied to the tank. That could be the potential fire hazard avoidance right there. Whatever is going on, the maintenance requires for each car to be stripped apart, as evidence by these images sent to TSK. Note that J-Kay's "Kermit Green" LaFerrari is also being serviced.

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