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Have All Of Your Stuff Delivered Right To Your Honda Vehicle

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No more stolen packages on the front porch.

Who even needs to go outside anymore? With Amazon's two-day Prime delivery, ordering stuff straight to your house is as easy as making a click. But occasionally, ordering from Amazon can be a hassle. What if the object is too large for the mailbox or someone steals it from your front porch? That's why Amazon will now deliver to your Ford/Lincoln or General Motors vehicles with an active OnStar account. Having the package delivered to your car ensures it will be safe and protected from the elements.

And starting today, Honda and Acura have been added to the list of vehicles that are compatible with Key by Amazon. The feature will now be available for owners of 2019 or 2020 model-year Acura RDXs. On the Honda end, Key by Amazon will be available for all 2018 and 2019 Touring and Touring Elite trims of the Accord, Accord Hybrid, Insight, Odyssey, and Pilot.

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"The Acura RDX helps with the busy lifestyles of its drivers in numerous ways, and now offers enhanced connectivity and functionality to make busy days less hectic," said Art St. Cyr, vice president, automobile operations for Acura. "The addition of Key by Amazon In-Car Delivery as a service enabled by AcuraLink expands the service's convenience features allowing customers to focus on getting where they need to go without worrying about package delivery."

As of now, the service is only available to Prime members living in one of 50 participating cities in the United States. On the day of delivery, the owner need only park within two blocks of the address and the car will be unlocked for a short period while the package is delivered. Once the package has been put in the trunk, the car locks itself automatically.

Prime members who set up Key by Amazon will see an "in-car" delivery option at checkout and will receive notifications when the package is on its way and another after it has been delivered. To get people interested in trying the new feature, Amazon will be giving away a $10 gift card for customers who place their first Key In-Car Delivery order for a limited time.