Have Fun Building Your Own 2023 Toyota GR Corolla Hot Hatch

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The configurator is now live, and Toyota is hyping up the rally-bred hatch big time.

The GR Corolla is one of the most exciting vehicles to come from Toyota in years. It's the brand's first proper compact hot hatch in years, and while it's powered by a tiny engine, it packs a serious punch. If you're thinking of purchasing one yourself, you'll be pleased to know the configurator is now live.

A trio of models are available; Core ($35,900), Circuit Edition ($42,900), and the highly-limited Morizo Edition ($49,900). All three are powered by a turbocharged 1.6-liter three-cylinder powerplant with 300 horsepower. But while the Core and Circuit Edition make do with 273 lb-ft, the Morizo receives a more muscular 295 lb-ft.

Regardless of which model you select, you'll receive a slick-shifting six-speed manual transmission. An automatic option is rumored to follow at a later date. While the performance is exciting, the limited color selection leaves a lot to be desired.

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The Core is available in Black and Ice Cap (white) at no extra cost. For an additional $425, buyers can spring for Supersonic Red. This option is also available on the Circuit Edition, along with Ice Cap. However, Black makes way for Heavy Metal (gray) which also commands a $425 premium. The Morizo model is privy to just two colors; Wind Chill Pearl ($425) and Smoke ($1,645).

Unsurprisingly, the interior choices are just as limited. Core variants are limited to a Black color scheme, while Circuit Edition and Morizo models receive the same with additional Cockpit Red accents and stitching. If you're set on purchasing the pricier mid- and top-spec models, the options list is surprisingly short - there are no available packages.

Those opting for the Core have greater scope to personalize their vehicles. A $770 Technology Package introduces a JBL premium audio sound system with wireless smartphone charging, while the $500 Cold Weather Package adds a heated steering wheel and front seats to the overall package.

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The most desirable option is the Performance Package. For $1,180, Toyota will fit the GR Corolla Core with front and rear Torsen limited-slip differentials and red-painted brake calipers. These options can be bundled together. For example, the $2,450 Performance Package with options includes all the aforementioned features.

A variety of interior and exterior accessories - ranging from wheel locks to roof rails - are available across the range. Overall, there aren't many options to choose from, meaning the base MSRP can't really be inflated to ridiculous levels. As such, a "fully loaded" Morizo Edition will set buyers back $53,997, which includes the $1,095 delivery fee.

But even at those prices, we don't think Toyota will have any issue selling these vehicles to enthusiasts. Still, that hasn't stopped the automaker from launching campaigns that demonstrate the Corolla GR's incredible performance capabilities.

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"The all-new GR Corolla joins the GR Family and connects drivers to the pavement with vehicles that make your heart skip a beat. The GR Corolla and GR Family campaigns reflect the renewed excitement and uncompromising energy inspired by Gazoo Racing's legacy of performance," said Toyota Marketing's Lisa Materazzo.

The advert above, dubbed Running Wild, shows the Corolla GR sliding across a stretch of tarmac, photobombing a family portrait of other iconic Toyota performance models. The hot hatch is then shown drifting through several scenarios, with a voice-over describing it as the "wild child of the family."

While many dismiss the three-cylinder engine as too small and the manual gearbox as a relic from the past, Toyota has changed the narrative in That's Insane. The advert demonstrates the Corolla's abilities, with one driver remarking, "That's three cylinders? That's insane." Another spots the manual shift lever and says, "It only comes in manual? That's insane."

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These are just two of the multiple campaigns Toyota has come up with to stir up interest in the GR Corolla. Legacy depicts the moment the viewer finally gets to own and drive their dream car, while Memories captures an emotional moment for one GR driver, who has a flashback to his first driving experience while hustling the Corolla at speed. This is just one of three ad spots designed to connect with car enthusiasts.

As mentioned, there's also a wonderful spot called Meet The Family, which shows the hot hatch meeting the rest of the GR family. The GR86, GR Corolla, and GR Supra all race out of a three-car garage, while several narrators build up to a climax. "If you can keep up, welcome to the Gazoo Racing family."

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