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Have You Always Dreamed Of Owning A TVR Sagaris?

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Americans will have the opportunity to buy a revised version as a kit car, but quantities will be extremely limited.

If you live in the United States, you were never allowed to experience the glory of the TVR Sagaris. In fact, you weren't really able to experience to the glory of any modern TVR. Sure TVR cars would tend to fall apart, but for a brief moment, they were spectacular. Even now as TVR plots its comeback with the new Mustang-powered Griffith, the US is still being left out. There is a small chance that the Griffith will come to the US because its Mustang-based engine would comply with emissions regulations, but the chances are minuscule. Don't fret, because you can now buy TVR's last model, the Sagaris, even if you live in the US.

The Griffith is a very interesting sports car, but the Sagaris was frankly insane. Now, a small company called Grex Automotive is offering a revised version of the Sagaris (which went out of production in 2006) called the Sagaris GT. Unfortunately, to get it approved in the US, Grex had to offer the Sagaris GT as a kit car. Seeing as TVR's build quality wasn't exactly what we'd call good, building it yourself may result in an even better car than an original.

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The kit comes in 14 stages, though the first four must be ordered together. These four stages include important pieces like the chassis and body and the remaining ten can be ordered by the customer when they are ready to install them, though Grex says this would result in higher shipping costs. For interested customers, the total cost of all 14 stages is $58,070, which isn't bad for such a unique sports car. Unfortunately, that cost doesn't include the price of an engine or transmission. If you do want one, you'd better act quickly because Grex will only sell 10 kits in 2019.