Have You Ever Met The World's Only Ferrari 575 GTS?


This one-off wonder is a 515-hp V12 convertible dream.

Way back in 2000, Ferrari introduced the 550 Barchetta, a true roadster version of the 550 Maranello that offered no real top and was only produced in 448 units. Though it did have its problems, it sure was one beautiful car. But when Ferrari replaced the 550 with the 575, the latter was produced only as a coupe and never received a drop-top version of its own. Now, Edo Competition has decided to right this historical wrong by giving a 550 Barchetta an incredible makeover that includes the installation of 575's powertrain. They call it the 575 GTS.

To make it a true one-off worthy of the name, the firm has installed the 575's 5.4-liter n/a V12, which sends 515 hp and 588 lb-ft of torque to the rear wheels through an electro-actuated paddle-shift transaxle transmission. It has also added a heap of new styling, and the Ferrari now includes new custom wheel arches, front and rear bumpers, a vented hood and a large rear diffuser. It rides on spoked chrome and gloss black wheels and features a new set of custom, lightweight Alcantara seats in the cabin. Whether you love you the idea or hate it, there's no arguing the fact that Edo Competition has rewritten history, adding yet another unique Ferrari into the company's lineup.

Source Credits: www.facebook.com

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