Have You Ever Seen Pigs On The Highway?


No, this isn't a trick question.

It's something you probably don't like to hear or even talk about, but you know it's going on anyway. We're talking about livestock animals being sent to the slaughter house, or the farm where they'll be fattened up a bit before said slaughter. So how would you feel if you saw nearly 2,200 piglets scattered on a highway? That's exactly what happened near Dayton, Ohio recently. A semitrailer hauling the piglets, described as feeder pigs, overturned after somehow going over an embankment.

All told, 300-500 piglets were killed in the crash while another 300-400 were let loose. About 1,500 piglets survived. The truck driver wasn't injured but his passenger suffered minor injuries. Rescue crews had to close the road to traffic in order to round up all the loose pigs.

Source Credits: www.wlwt.com

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