Have You Ever Wondered What Would Happen To A Drone In A Car?

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These guys did, and the results are pretty interesting.

Drones are becoming increasingly popular with car enthusiasts. While we wouldn't necessarily call it a "cheap" hobby, drones are certainly more affordable than cars.They have also become so fast that they can now keep up with some of the fastest supercars in the world. Flying drones in open space is fun, but it was only a matter of time before someone on the internet decided to do some experiments with them. For instance, what would happen to a drone that was flying inside of a moving car? Would the drone go to the back of the car, or stay still?

Car Advice decided to test this idea using a professional DJI drone and a micro drone in a Tesla Model X and a Hyundai van. Science can be used to tell us the answer to what will happen, but it is much more fun to see it in real life.

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After running the test with the mini drone, the experiment went exactly as expected. The drone hit the back of the Tesla and the van, because it wants to stay steady with the Earth. It may look like the drone moves backwards, but it is actually staying stationary while the car itself moves. The experiment with the DJI drone ended up not working, because it has sensors that kept it from hitting the back of the van. This would be a fun experiment to try, and one that doesn't seem too expensive to attempt.


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