Have You Seen An Uglier Car Than The 2016 Toyota Prius?

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If so we'd like to know.

Since the Toyota Prius came out, it's caused nothing but pain and sorrow for automotive enthusiasts. For the next generation of the Prius, it appears as if Toyota wants people to gouge their eyes out with the hybrid's hideous look. Digital Trends stumbled upon leaked pictures of the new Prius, which should be taken lightly as they originally came from a Taiwanese website. According to the dodgy website, besides getting a radical new look, the new Prius will also get a modest boost in fuel economy.

If these leaked pictures are anything to go by, the new Prius will have distinct appearances for the hybrid (green) and the plug-in model (blue). The new Prius will supposedly come with the same 1.8-l Atkinson cycle engine and have a combined output of 150 hp. The hybrid is also expected to get an eight percent improvement in fuel economy, which would allow the Prius to get up to 54 mpg. It looks like Toyota is giving all of its upcoming vehicles styling cues from the hydrogen fuel-powered Mira, but were not huge fans of the transition. Do you think the new Prius looks better or worse?

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Source Credits: www.digitaltrends.com

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