He's 102 and the Owner of a New Ford F-150

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This is what it means to be brand loyal.

Floyd Pullin is 102 years old and has been a Ford customer since the 1920s. Since that time he's owned a total of 16 Fords. Just think about that for a second. Pullin was driving Fords nearly two decades before the outbreak of World War II. His first Ford could have even been a Model T, which was in production until 1927. At his age, one may assume that he'd no longer be able to drive. Not only is that not the case, but Pullin has just purchased a brand-new Ford F-150 STX pickup.


To help him celebrate his many years as a customer and to his continued good health, Ford had a party for him at his local dealership in Confluence, Pennsylvania. Even a state senator came to celebrate. So here's to Floyd and his continued devotion to Ford. Enjoy that new truck.

Source Credits: usatoday.com

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