He Who DARES, Can Go As Fast As They Like

This was all about flat out speed.

Having posted a video of the Veyron L’Or Rouge “Hellbug” hitting over 235 mph on the open road comes this official video from the Sun Valley Road Rally 2015. The no speed limit rally takes place on a closed section of a public Idaho highway, where drivers come to push their extreme rides to the absolute max. The event is essentially a fundraiser for the Blaine County Drug Coalition, a local group dedicated to drug prevention and support, but is much better fun than a charity auction.

As well as the one-off Hellbug, other cars that came to the rally included two other Veyrons, multiple Ferrari 458s, a Lamborghini Huracan Super Trofeo, Bentley GT3-R, various iterations of the Porsche 911, including GT3 and GT3s, and a Corvette Z06.

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