Heads Up Four Up! VW Shows Off Four Up! Concepts at Geneva


Volkswagen is forever expanding their lineup based on the Up! platform with four more concepts in Geneva.

Volkswagen showed up at last year's Frankfurt Auto Show with six variations of the Up! - The Buggy Up!, Up! Azzurra, GT Up!, Eco Up!, Cross Up! and e-Up!. The German automaker will be bringing for more versions of the super-flexible platform to the Geneva Motor Show, further expanding the Up!'s... ahem... lineup. "The Up! is as versatile as a Swiss Army Knife," proclaims VW's press release.

The German sense of humor isn't lost in translation, as they are opening the show with their Swiss Up! Concept. Painted with the Swiss flag on the side with Tornado Red exterior paint with a contrasting white interior and ski rack on the roof, the Swiss Up! really fits its name. The second and third concepts for the 2012 Geneva Show are the Winter Up! and the X Up!. Both are based on the Cross Up! Concept from Frankfurt, with the former meant for snowboarding and skiing excursions (with a front-wheel-drive configuration) while the latter is meant for night time expeditions.

Its bright Burnt Orange exterior finish and roof box with searchlights set the X Up! apart from its many siblings. The fourth and final Up!-based concept heading to Geneva is the Cargo Up! Concept. As the only three-door Up! of the bunch, the Cargo Concept was built for city deliveries with a 1,400-liter area equivalent to a payload capacity of 940lbs. It has been raised and features protection underneath the car to protect against potholes and the like. The four Up!-based concepts will all be on display at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show, opening its doors on March 6th and running until the 18th.

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