Hear How Amazing The Kia Stinger Sounds With A Borla Exhaust

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Kia has done the impossible by making a turbo V6 sound good.

There's not much left that we can say to praise the new Kia Stinger. Ever since this car was first revealed, we have said that Kia has done the impossible by offering an affordable, RWD GT car with stunning looks and a nice interior. The Stinger has already proven itself in a performance comparison with a Holden Commodore (basically a Chevrolet SS), where the Kia was able to defeat the V8-powered sedan. The Stinger has proven that it can be faster than a V8, but can it possibly sound as good with a twin-turbo V6?

The Stinger is available with a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder, or a twin-turbo V6 engine. The V6 is obviously the engine that enthusiasts will prefer, but we've previously seen it isn't always easy to make a turbocharged six sound good. The Straight Pipes had the opportunity to test the car with an aftermarket exhaust, and the results are fantastic.

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Kia brought some awesome modified Stingers to this year's SEMA, both of which were fitted with Borla exhaust systems. In the video by The Straight Pipes, we first get to hear the Stinger with the stock exhaust. The sound is pleasant, but it's clear that Kia aired on the side of restraint to appeal to more buyers. The exhaust doesn't sound bad, but it is too quiet. This complaint completely went away with the Borla exhaust. The two modified cars, particularly the orange car, sounded fantastic in the video. Now that we know the Stinger is faster than a V8 car, better looking than most sedans, and sounds like a true performance car, we don't think it has any true faults.

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