Listen To A Supercharged Honda S2000 Sing The 9,000-RPM Song Of Its People

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How can one of the best-sounding NA engines sound even better with boost?

Hondas have always been known for their go-fast, high-revving personality and no other model from the brand screams and sings at a higher note than the S2000. The front-mounted, rear-wheel-drive roadster was powered by the now legendary F20C that finds its redline at an absurd 9,000 rpm - one of the highest revving engines of all time.

Here's the thing about Hondas, though, there will always be a way to push the envelope further. Even more so than prescribed by the manufacturer and sometimes beyond logic and reason.

Take this Honda S2000, for consideration. The YouTube channel, AutoTopNL, featured an S2000 slapped with a ridiculous supercharger. That's right, what you are about to hear is the song of our people, a supercharged VTEC engine.


Suddenly the tiny little naturally aspirated roadster, which made up to 247 horsepower from the factory, gets a significant boost. The channel claims can now make 414 hp and reach a top speed of 171 miles per hour. Those figures put it on par with many modern muscle and performance cars, even out-speccing the new Nissan Z.

The hyper-caffeinated Honda S2000 also pulled a nifty trick from within its sleeve. Around the 2:05 second mark, we can see the driver pressing on the key fob. Nothing seems to be happening for the first few seconds, but the video cuts to an acceleration test where we hear a concerto of pops, crackles, and bangs. The supercharged Honda S2000 sounds like it has gained a significant boost in power, acceleration, and, most importantly, exhaust note.

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Many theories have sprung up about what that fob could have been for, but the most popular one, based on the comments of the video, seems to be about adjusting the butterfly valves in the active exhaust system. Aftermarket systems with this functionality can be programmed to use remotes or even flashing your high beams to activate and deactivate, so this seems the likely culprit.

While the S2000 is a phenomenal car both to own and tune, not everyone would consider a car that was last produced in 2009. There are other more modern offerings that can make the same amount of power straight out of the factory. In the meantime, we hope the video of the screaming Honda S2000 made your day.

2004-2009 Honda S2000 Front Angle View Honda
2004-2009 Honda S2000 Side Perspective Driving Honda

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2004-2009 Honda S2000 Front Angle View
2004-2009 Honda S2000 Side Perspective Driving

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