Hear The Powerful Alpina B8 Roar Ahead Of Tomorrow's Official Unveiling

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The V8 will provide monstrous performance.

It was last week that we discovered that an all-new Alpina model would be revealed on March 24. This car is, of course, the new Alpina B8. Based on the BMW 8 Series Gran Coupe, it will feature numerous aesthetic and performance upgrades that should see it challenge the BMW M8 Gran Coupe. Ahead of the B8's reveal tomorrow, Alpina has shared a short teaser video of the car, giving us access to the engine note and a few of the styling upgrades that have been applied. The video has done nothing to dilute our excitement for this machine, especially after the arrival of the fantastic B7 and XB7 - these two cars make up for the fact that there isn't an M7 or X7 M.

Alpina Automobiles/Facebook
Alpina Automobiles/Facebook
Alpina Automobiles/Facebook

The video showcases the roar of the B8's V8 engine, which we anticipate will be a retuned version of the 4.4-liter twin-turbocharged V8 in the M850i. That car manages 523 horsepower and 553 lb-ft of torque, but we won't be surprised if the B8 produces well over 600 hp. Elsewhere in the clip, we can spot some of the expected Alpina stylistic enhancements like the unmistakable turbine-style, multi-spoke wheels and the oval quad tailpipes at the back. These upgrades should work beautifully with the Gran Coupe's long, sleek body, already one of BMW's best current designs. This particular B8 in the teaser video appears to be finished in a blue paint option.

Alpina Automobiles/Facebook
Alpina Automobiles/Facebook
Alpina Automobiles/Facebook

Not much of the interior was shown, but we did spot the Alpina logo on the steering wheel, replacing the usual BMW badge. Alpina's own digital gauge cluster with blue lighting is likely to replace BMW's standard setup, too. Not visible in the video is one of the key aspects of any Alpina product - a retuned suspension. Alpina's are well-known for riding more smoothly than comparable BMW M cars despite being similarly quick. This should make the B8 a fabulous mile-muncher. We can't wait to see the official car when it is revealed tomorrow.

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