Prior Design

Heavy-Hitter Gallardo PD-L800 Widebody Aero Kit Unleashed

Prior Design knows how to build badass Raging Bulls.

The first generation Lamborghini Gallardo has just received an aggressive aftermarket program from the crew over at Prior Design. The widebody aerodynamic kit for the Gallardo PD-L800 is a serious modification program made out of the tuner's favored lightweight and ultra-stable Dura-Flex Fiber Reinforced Plastic. Jumping right into their modifications, the sleek and lightweight kit features massive widenings on the front and rear while very prominent wheel arches add to the Raging Bull's style and weight distribution.

A new front bumper complete with air intakes has been added along with side skirts and a new rear bumper and rear trunk spoiler. The most prominent and possibly best addition to Prior Design's kit is the new roof scoop, mounted terrifically on the Gallardo. Prior Design's aerodynamic and widebody kit for the Lamborghini Gallardo fits all models between 2003-2008. It prices from €12,900 plus installation.

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