Heffner Performance Reveal Twin Turbo Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4

One lucky customer drove away in a 2009 Gallardo packing a 1,000hp punch.

Twin-turbo Gallardos are normally associated with Underground Racing who are well versed in building forced induction Bulls, but Heffner Performance is the other go-to tuning outfit for Lamborghini owners wanting a bit more oomph from their Italian supercar. Built for one of their customers that goes by the name of Joe Z, the Gallardo was fitted with a bolt-on kit made up of bespoke TIAL billet-wheeled ballbearing turbochargers, 44mm MVR wastegates and a custom exhaust system.

A large intercooler was also built to keep induction temperatures nice and low, and for a finishing touch the components got a Jet-Hot 2000-degree wrinkle black ceramic coating. The result of all this work is 963hp on 93 Octane and a whopping 1,034hp on 100 Octane fuel. Hope that's enough for Joe Z.

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