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Yes, we know, most of our readers wouldn't be caught dead with a Hello Kitty painted on their cars.

Even with the massive popularity of Sanrio's happy cat, you wouldn't think there would be this many Hello Kitty cars in existence. Well, there are and for reasons that may escape some of us, a few car owners love to have the Hello Kitty plastered on their rides. Forget what you thought because the unstoppable force that is Hello Kitty has appeared on everything from Smarts to Ferraris. If you can handle a heavy dose of cute, then continue reading on.

If you have a young girl nearby you might want to cover your ears before you check out the BYD F0 Hello Kitty Edition. This Chinese compact is covered in Hello Kitty from exterior to interior. This sickly pink hatch sells for a mere $7,500 and is the perfect gift for any young girl with or without a license.

Guys looking for a reason to keep reading are going to love the Hello Kitty Ferrari 360 Modena. Well, kind of. This Hello Kitty supercar was spotted in Jakarta, Indonesia, and features a feline rear window decal, Hello Kitty side mirrors and an interior that only a mother kitty could love. Still a Ferrari, though.

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Chinese girls may be having all of the Hello Kitty automotive-themed fun nowadays, but Japanese girls got the party started back in 2006 with the Mitsubishi i "Princess Kitty". This one-off looks strikingly similar to the BYD F0 Hello Kitty Edition in that they both are covered in Pink and both feature a lot of images of Hello Kitty. This kitty car was not made available to the public and was instead raffled off with a portion of the proceeds going to UNICEF Japan.

Americans looking to cruise around in a Hello Kitty compact without having to pay import fees are going to love the Hello Kitty Smart Car. Sanrio and Smart teamed up to celebrate the former's 50th birthday by releasing special Hello Kitty wraps for new Smarts. Still a Smart, though.

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