Help Bring the Honda Civic Type R to America


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For years American hot hatch enthusiasts have been denied what is without a doubt one of the best of its kind: the Honda Civic Type R. Ever since it debuted back in 1997, Americans have had to watch European and Japanese enthusiasts have all the fun. This needs to end. Just days after the online reveal of the near production ready Type R, CarBuzz reader Tedi Mansour notified us on our Facebook page of a new petition that aims at pressuring Honda to bring the car stateside. It states the following:

"Honda enthusiasts demand that the discrimination against our market stops right here. There is no excuse anymore. If other countries can enjoy the best Honda has to offer, we should be able to enjoy the same rights." We couldn't have said it better. CarBuzz community, let's help this petition get well above the required 900 signatures. As of this writing it's received nearly 1,600 John Hancocks, but the more there are, the more leverage there will be on Honda to make this happen. Go to and search for "Petitioning American Honda Motor Co. Inc."

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