Help Make Lego Build This 1969 Corvette!

Awesome idea needs some support to make production.

Withan already impressive list of car-themed products, Lego has gotten ourattention several times in the past, like when it put out a Ghostbusters moviecar set, the Batman Tumbler and more. We've also shown you some awesome creations made by fans, including some incredible Lamborghinis. Now, through itsIdeas page, Lego is asking fans whether it should produce this awesome scalemodel of the 1969 Corvette, designed by a user named Brickdater and up for voting on theLego site.

The fan built the Corvette himself using 1,500 pieces and parts,claiming "Ever since I can remember I've always wanted a '69 Vette. So Ibuilt one." With enough support, Lego will put Brickdater's idea intoproduction. And judging from these pictures, we think it's well worth yourvote.

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