Help Us Catch This Man Who Sends Porsche Cayennes To A Fiery Grave


Face it buddy, Porsche has sold more Cayennes than you can burn in a lifetime.

Whatever madness has befallen a man who decided to start the New Year by setting a Porsche Cayenne on fire is not the kind we’d like to catch. It was either madness or maybe the cold front that’s moved in on the northern part of our continent has effectively made this Toronto man desperate for warmth, because at about 5:15 a.m on December 29th, 2017, an unidentified arsonist (or heat-seeker) doused this pretty white Porsche in gasoline and lit the flammable concoction.

The event was captured on camera and we can see as the man runs up to the car and fiddles near the front passenger window for a split second before flames erupt in the cabin. The Toronto Police state that the car was parked in the driveway of a home and that the windows were smashed before the car was lit.

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In the video we can hardly see the man douse the car with gas before the car violently ignites in such a way that shocks even the perp. Police think that the flames or broken glass may have even hurt the man, but the surrounding darkness makes it hard to tell. The only telltale clues that lend an idea as to who this man may be are the white sedan he pulls up and drive off in as well as the dark jacket, gloves, and boots he’s wearing. Better catch him if you can if you think this Porsche needs justice.