UPDATE: The Mystery EV We Spied Is From Turkey

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It's from a company called Togg.

Spy shots are often valuable sources of information. Thanks to our investigative photographers, we knew about the active aero on the new upcoming Porsche 911 GT3 RS ahead of time. In other cases, we have been able to ascertain concept-derived styling cues or determine how a car is likely to handle on the road. But today, we're well and truly stumped. New spy shots have just hit our inbox and they were accompanied by a message that told us only two things. The car you see here is an electric vehicle and is NOT an Audi. So what are we looking at here?

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The license plate, despite being blurred, is clearly European. This suggests that the car we see here is something we in America may not be familiar with. Its shape and size seem to be similar to those of the Volkswagen ID.6, while the grille appears to be similar to that often seen on Skoda products, although we wouldn't rule out the possibility of this being a Seat or Cupra SUV. Skoda, Seat, and Cupra are all Volkswagen-owned entities that do not currently operate in the United States, but all of these brands tend to favor sharper headlights and taillights. Could this be another Chinese replica that takes cues from various existing cars and blends them into one?

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The glasshouse seems to follow the shape of the Volkswagen ID.4, but the taillights are too narrow and sharp. Furthermore, Volkswagen is unlikely to drastically alter the styling of the ID.4, even if this were to be a variant of that EV. Basically, we're lost. What do you think it is? Do you live in Europe or have some information that we don't? If so, please get in touch with us via tips@carbuzz.com. We'll obviously give you credit if your tips help us correctly identify this mystery machine. Alternatively, we'll just have to wait for some of the camouflage to be shed.

UPDATE: As Kerim Samlioglu correctly pointed out, this car is made by Turkish company Togg. Togg stands for the Turkish translation of "Turkey's Automobile Joint Venture Group," but while Pininfarina has aided the company with design, Togg has not named its new SUV just yet

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