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Hemi-Powered 1955 Chevy Survived a 2,600-Mile Road Trip

It wasn't exactly the most comfortable ride.

We previously wondered whether or not this project was automotive blasphemy: A 1955 Chevy Bel Air with a Chrysler Hemi engine under the hood?! Yes, such a thing does exist, thanks to the guys at Roadkill. The last time we saw this car, it was being built in preparation for a road trip from Los Angeles to North Carolina. It just barely made the deadline. In fact, the car wasn’t even quite finished, but it was at least road worthy (just barely) and the trip has now been accomplished.

Of course, there were a few stops along the way to meet up with a few friends, one of whom happens to be a host of a certain show called "Top Gear USA." So what’s it like to drive the 700 horsepower, 17 mpg "Blasphemi" cross country? The Roadkill video is almost a half hour long, but it’s definitely a fun episode.

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