Drag Race

Hennessey 12C Battles Stock 12C

Check out what an extra $20k will get you. It's well worth it.

We previously referred to Hennessey Performance’s McLaren 12C as a cruise missile. No disrespect to the stock 12C, but we’d more than willing to pay the extra $20k or so for the upgrade package. With output now at 707 horsepower, compared to the stock 12C’s 616, the difference in straight line performance is beyond clear. In fact, there’s no contest. This Texas-tuned masterpiece really is a freakin’ cruise missile. It even sounds like one.

In case you're in any doubt, Hennessey pitted its 12C against the standard factory car. If you have the scratch to buy a 12C in the first place, then certainly an extra $20k is literally ass pocket money for you. So don’t hesitate. Just go to Texas. Your 12C is about to get a whole lot sweeter.

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