Hennessey Admits Koenigsegg's Record Run "Crushed" The Venom GT


Hennessey will soon be fighting back with the 300 mph Venom F5.

We're witnessing a historic period in the hypercar revolution right now. Recently, the Koenigsegg Agera RS broke the production car speed record in Nevada, hitting 285.55 mph and setting an average speed of 277.9 mph in both directions during the run, thus beating the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport and the Hennessey Venom GT which unofficially held the previous record at 270.49 mph. Hennessey will soon be fighting back with the Venom F5, a hypercar the American tuner claims will hit 300 mph.

"Those guys crushed our number and I think it's great," founder John Hennessey said in an interview with Top Gear. "Christian did it right. He just played it cool and built a dedicated car to smoke everybody. He laid the hammer down." Hennessey heard about Koenigsegg attempting a new record in the Agera RS and waited anxiously for the result, as a friend was texting him live updates of the speeds it achieved. "My first thought was 'did they run both directions?', because that's a question everybody asks us," he said. "Then I wondered if they'd brought proper Racelogic VBOX equipment to validate the data. I later heard that they did."

So once I saw the official news come out on Instagram and then YouTube, I looked at it and I thought they did it right. And fair play to them." It was even the same guy from Racelogic who verified the Venom GT's record, so there's no doubting the accuracy of Koenigsegg's record run. Then there's the all-important question: Can Hennessey beat the speed set by Koenigsegg? "Could we pull a Venom GT out of the mothball and take it out and challenge that? Possibly," he said. "But there's no real reason to do it. When we ran 270 at NASA it wasn't our top speed, we just ran out of road. I'm not worried about it [Koenigsegg's speed], I'm excited and motivated."

I've been waiting almost four years for somebody to better the record," he continued. "And once you have more players that are playing in the top speed game, then you have more relevance. It all puts pressure on Bugatti to step up and deliver the number that everybody expects them to do." Then we'll let those guys duke it out for a little while, then, once we figure out which one of those guys [Koenigsegg and Bugatti] is going the fastest, then we'll take the F5 out and lay down a number." Staggeringly, Koenigsegg set five speed records in one week - but there's one record set by Hennessey that's yet to be beaten.


"Until Koenigsegg rips the roof off the Agera, we've still got that top speed record (265.6 mph). So let's see what they've got." We can't wait to see which company comes out in top in the race to break the 300 mph barrier.


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