Hennessey Finally Tampers With The Mustang GT350's Flat-Plane Crank


Does a supercharger ruin Ford's magical Voodoo engine or enhance it?

It has already been determined by the general auto-loving public that John Hennessey is an absolute lunatic. Nobody except Hennessey and his mental asylum companions gets behind the wheel of a Ford Raptor or a Ferrari 458 Italia and decide that it needs more horsepower, or in the case of the former, an extra axle. But pushing the boundaries is what Hennessey performance is all about, after all not many have the gall to take a Lotus and turn it into a Bugatti-beating road machine.

So it shouldn’t even be a question as to whether or not Hennessey has tuned Ford’s latest and greatest Mustang, the GT350.

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Unlike previous top of the line Mustangs, Ford wasn’t content with adding stratospheric amounts of horsepower to the engine and calling it a day. No, this is the sixth generation Mustang and it’s matured ever since the last time it came around as an addict to drag strips. Like a responsible sports car, the Mustang now cares about lap times, and the GT350 is its best attempt at reform yet. However, that doesn’t mean that some Mustang fans don’t miss the old days. That’s why Hennessey added a supercharger to the flat-plane crank engine and gave it the internals necessary to survive. The result? Just 733 horsepower at the wheels and this godlike soundtrack.