Hennessey Ford GT Hits 212.9mph To Break Standing Half Mile Speed Record

The Hennessey-tuned supercar now has two standing speed records to its name.

Mark Heidaker's Hennessey twin-turbo Ford GT has followed up the car's 257.7mph standing mile world record set back in March with Sean Kennedy behind the wheel, by posting a new standing half-mile record. Run on the 8,000-foot runway of Ellington Airport, the Houston Half Mile was the ideal location for Kennedy to hit 219.9mph in the half mile, a significant increase on the 204mph the car managed at the halfway stage at the Texas Mile event.

Heidaker's Ford GT is apparently good for 2,000hp thanks to an Accufab Racing V8 engine that's force fed by two Precision Turbochargers, and a bit of tuning magic by Hennessey and Shane Tecklenburg.

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