Hennessey Ford GT: The New Standing Mile World Record Holder

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A Hennessey-tuned Ford GT may just be the best supercar - ever.

After yesterday's nearly heartbreaking news about a 1,000hp Ford GT getting totaled in Brazil, we bring some better news today that'll rightly cheer up everyone's' spirits. Last weekend, a crew from tuning firm Hennessey managed to set the world record for the standing mile while behind the wheel of a Hennessey-built twin turbo Ford GT. The car is owned by Mark Heidaker and was driven by Sean Kennedy.

Obviously this was no ordinary Ford GT, as it once had both a twin-turbocharger and a supercharger before Hennessey added their own magic touch. Basically, the tuner decided to drop the supercharger for the twin-turbo setup, citing efficiency reasons. In the end, they GT had a top speed of 257.7 mph.

Hennessey also just released this video showing Kennedy behind the wheel setting the record. Chances are the Brazilian driver from yesterday would have been killed if he tried anything like this in his GT. Instead, he just crashed the thing.

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