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Hennessey HPE1200 Dodge Demon Makes 1,103HP At The Wheels

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A parachute upgrade is part of the package, so it’s probably not slow.

Hennessey Performance is the master at taking very fast cars and turning them into insanely fast ones. Aside from the upcoming in-house designed Venom F5 hypercar, the most powerful modified production car it offers is the Hennessey Dodge Demon.

The standard Demon is good for 840 hp and 770 lb-ft of torque, numbers that most people would consider a few stages above adequate. Hennessey sees these figures as a great starting point and its entry-level package, the HPE1000, puts out 880 hp and 806 lb-ft to the wheels. Drivetrain losses account for the 15% drop compared to the flywheel figure which would make the standard car's figure be closer to 730 hp.

Now that is a nice step up from the 'base' Demon, if it could ever be considered that, but the version you will see in this video is the HPE1200 and this one makes an even healthier 1,103hp and 954 lb ft of torque, also at the wheels.

Now bearing in mind that the 840-hp Demon is currently the world's fastest production car over the quarter mile at 9.65-seconds, the HPE1200 may possibly be able to dip below the 9-second figure. Especially since the HPE1000 has already been clocked at 9.14-seconds.

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Further details are a bit scarce about the HPE1200 on the Hennessey site but they do mention that the package includes an NHRA legal roll cage, parachute upgrade (how cool does that sound?), headers and the very vague statement saying 'engine tuning.'

It does mention that the upgraded supercharger systems starting from the 1,000 hp to 1,500 hp and more will also be on offer which means that the HPE1200 may not even be the most powerful Hennessey Demon in the line-up.