Hennessey Previews 2013 Venom GT

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In light of fresh competition from the likes of McLaren and Ferrari, Hennessey will soon unveil its upgraded Venom GT - a clear message for its rivals to never mess with Texas.

There is no such thing as too much horsepower for John Hennessey. No matter what project the man and his company are working on, they always manage to outdo the rest in building some of the most extreme horsepower-infested monsters on the road today. That's how things are done in Texas, Hennessey's home state and headquarters. Today comes word that the 10th Venom GT supercar is currently under construction, featuring a raft of upgrades, although details as to what those upgrades entail remain limited for now.

The only major details we've been rewarded with so far are these images showing what the new car likely will look like upon completion. It looks like Hennessey and Co. were inspired by McLaren's P1 concept shown at Paris when opting for the bright orange exterior color as well as the falcon doors. Also note the redesigned headlights with their more rigid and angled look. There will also be increased headroom thanks to a new double-bubble roof design. Hennessey himself stated that "the Venom GT will continue to offer the best power to weight ratio in the hypercar market."

That said, we're anxious to see what upgrades have been performed on the 7.0-liter twin-turbo V8 which currently produces more than 1,500 horsepower - that's a monstrous ratio of less than one kilogram for each horse to schlepp. Transmission choices on the current version include a standard six-speed manual as well as an optional seven-speed sequential gearbox, which are likely to carry over to the revised model. Watch this space for more as soon as Hennessey releases the full details.

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