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Hennessey Reveals 'World’s Fastest Edition' Venom GT

Milking its world record for all it’s worth - $1.25 million.

Still celebrating its record-breaking run at the Kennedy Space Center in February, when the Hennessey Venom GT set a top-speed world record of 270.49 mph while also smashing acceleration records, the company has just announced a special edition Venom to be named ‘World Fastest Edition’, or WFE. Buyers of the car, priced at $1.25 million, will benefit from a special red, white and blue livery, marking its self-proclaimed (and undisputed) title of “America’s supercar.”

All three cars encompassing this limited edition have already been sold out according to John Hennessey, who also said: “The Venom GT is America’s supercar and it broke 270 mph on the same runway where the Space Shuttle landed at the Kennedy Space Center. We wanted to offer a special paint scheme that would incorporate the colors of the American flag—the same flag we flew on the Space Shuttle runway."

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