Hennessey to Build 200 650/700HP Corvette Stingrays

HPE650 and HPE700 will be limited to 100 examples each.

Texas tuner Henessey has just announced a supercharge upgrade package for the 2014 C7 Corvette Stingray, which will be available in two specs: one making 650 horsepower, the other putting out a manic 700. The HPE650 and HPE700 will be very limited editions, each totaling 100 units. These cars will be marked with a serialized dash plaque, and will be fitted with a high-flow supercharger, HPE air induction system, HPE pulley, and new fluids, gaskets and thermostats.

The upgrade package for the HPE650 starts at $15,950, with the HPE700 adding $22,500 to the price of a stock Stingray.

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