Hennessey to Supercharge 2015 Escalade to 557HP

“Fast, versatile and proudly American.”

As the mammoth Cadillac Escalade inches closer to showrooms,GM is working to convince buyers that the former pinnacle of cool is still relevant in today’s thriftier auto market. From itsluxurious interior to improved performance, the Escaladeis better than outgoing models in just about every measure. But for Texas-basedtuner Hennessey, 420 horsepower just isn't enough. The company is now offeringa supercharger upgrade for the Escalade, and it is indeed quite the upgrade.

The HPE550 package supercharges the stock 6.2-liter V8engine with six psi of boost pressure. Along with an air-to-water intercoolersystem, an ECU remap and new gaskets, output rises to 557 hp and 542 lb-ft oftorque. It also comes with a 3-year or 36,000 mile powertrain warranty. Inaddition to the Escalade’s $71,695 to $92,840 price range, the package willcost $15,950, before adding $6,950 for 20-inch wheels. That brings the Caddy’sprice tag well into Range Rover and Mercedes GL stratum. But then again, neither ofthose can offer a car that’s “proudly American,” as Hennessey flaunts on itswebsite.

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