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Hennessey Will Give Your Challenger Redeye 1,200 HP

Hennessey / 4 Comments

Demon what now?

Almost. As incongruous as it may seem of a muscle car with nearly 800 horsepower on tap, that's what the new Redeye version of the Dodge Challenger is: almost as powerful, almost as fast, almost as good as the Demon. But if "almost" isn't good enough for you, Hennessey can help.

The Texan tuner has been toying with Mopar's Hellcat V8, and is rolling out incremental upgrades – the first of which promises to boost output from the 797 horsepower and 707 lb-ft of torque with which the Redeye (pictured) comes standard to a massive 1,035 hp and 948 lb-ft.

That's at the engine side. By the time it reaches the rear wheels through the drivetrain, Hennessey says it'll kick out 880 hp and 806 lb-ft, which is still a heck of a lot more than that which with the Redeye leaves the factory. In fact it's significantly more than the discontinued Demon, which – even running on 100-octane racing fuel – still "only" produced 840 hp and 770 lb-ft.

To get there, the tuner has fitted a massive new supercharger, itself displacing 4.5 liters, compared to the 2.7-liter screw in the Demon and Redeye and the 2.4 in the standard Hellcat.

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It also fitted a new supercharger pulley, throttle body, stainless-steel long-tube headers, cats, injectors, bypass valve, and more. They're similar upgrades to what Hennessey has offered on previous versions of the Challenger, but there's more to come. Alongside the HPE1000 package, John Hennessey and company have also hinted at an HPE1200 version in the works that promises to pack an even mightier punch. And we can hardly wait to see what it'll do to vulcanized rubber once it's unleashed.