Hennessey's Plans For Speed Record, Honda Teases Civic Type R, New Government Bill Outlaws Free EV Charging: Cold Start

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Another day, another dollar. Or, in our case, another installment of Cold Start, our daily roundup of five of the biggest news stories from the day before. We have news on everything from top speed records to new legislation on EV charging and the end of a German icon, so let's get started.

First, we see what John Hennessey has to say about the progress of the Venom F5 hypercar as it aims to vanquish Bugatti and Koenigsegg before taking a look at the upcoming Honda Civic Type R. Then, we talk about Lucid's answer to the Tesla Model Y, a new law surrounding the charging of EVs, and the end of the road for BMW's mighty V12. Let's get to it.


Hennessey Confirms Fight For 300 MPH Still On

When the Hennessey Venom F5 was revealed almost a decade ago, it came with a huge weight of expectation. Hennessey said that this would be a world-beating, record-setting speed machine, and despite the fact that so much time has elapsed since those claims were first made, company founder John Hennessey is still adamant that the production car top speed record is coming to America. In a recent interview with Top Gear, the visionary man outlined the motivation for 300 mph: "I feel under pressure that I must beat Bugatti, and I want the F5 to complete a two-way average of over 300 mph. Some customers care about that, others don't. But we said we'd do it, and it's part of our DNA. So we're going to do it."

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Honda Teases Civic Type R With Official Release Date

Honda has given us so many teasers of the new Civic Type R that we were starting to believe the production version may be shipped with camouflage. Fortunately, along with the latest teaser image (this time without camouflage), the Japanese automaker has now revealed when the hot hatch will be released. July 20 is the big day - we'll see the first Civic Type R in years that has taken a restrained approach to styling. The red Honda badge, the manual gearbox, and the most fun you can have in a front-wheel-drive car are all sure to be part of the recipe, so check in next week Wednesday to see what else we have to look forward to.

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Scoop: Lucid Will Make Tesla Model Y Rival

Lucid Motors has been showing plenty of promise after wowing us with its remarkable Air sedan, an EV that offers comfort, style, performance, and range. Its follow-up is set to be the Gravity SUV, which will also adhere to these attractive principles, and after that, it will focus on a Tesla Model Y rival when the time comes to scale. In addition to excellent range, we can expect Lucid's upcoming products to offer astonishing power unlike anything ever seen before: "the horsepower war is going to keep going," said the company's chief engineer, Eric Bach. With the continued advancement of powertrains, Lucid is sure to continue upsetting the established order.

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Government Bill Declares That Free EV Charging Is Unfair To ICE Drivers

Over the years, there have been many programs designed to encourage Americans to make the switch to electric vehicles. Among them is the incentive of a federal tax credit. More recently, the offer of free EV charging has been offered by various service providers in various locales, but Republican Ben Moss has now introduced a bill against such a thing. The North Carolina representative has noted that free EV charging points should only be introduced if free gas and diesel pumps are available at the same locations. What Moss is missing is that this is not about creating equality amongst different drivers but about encouraging a cleaner type of transport. Hopefully, the bill is not passed in its current form.

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Mighty BMW V12 Officially Reaches End Of The Line

Back in January, BMW announced that it would be ending production of its famous V12, an engine famed for its torque delivery, smoothness, and power. The engine will continue to live on for some time in the Rolls-Royce range, but as an option on any current BMW product, it is now officially dead; "the last BMW 7 Series vehicles with the V12 have been produced." Apparently, demand for The Final V12, a special edition celebrating the enormous engine, was so great that the car sold out very quickly. A move to turbocharged V8s will be in the cards for future luxury limos from Bavaria.

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