Henrik Fisker Designs New DeTomaso, Does This Mean a Return for the Brand?

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Don't count on it.

Dead sports/supercar brands are very weird things. Sometimes they can be revived, and sometimes they just get passed from one coked-up con man to another. It's not unusual for the owners of these marques to face jail time, which is indeed what happened to former DeTomaso owner Gian Mario Rossignolo. The company has since been acquired by ATS, another dead carmaker with owners which claim to be bringing it back but so far have only produced renderings.

A bunch of statements about upcoming new cars were released, but not too many people took it all that seriously, but now things have changed. Henrik Fisker just put out this rendering without any kind of real explanation. He hasn't even said if he's actually affiliated with the new owners or if this was just for fun. But Fisker isn't some hack who turns out vaporware, and if he's onboard for this project then it's probably actually going somewhere. But we remain skeptical. It would be great to see the car make it to production but we've been let down so many times before.

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