Henrik Fisker's 725-HP Rocket V8 Headed For Production

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This custom Mustang packs a supercharged V8 and looks unlike any muscle car out there.

Remember that crazy custom Ford Mustang Henrik Fisker designed a few years back? It was called the Galpin Rocket when it originally debuted and now goes by a different name: The VLF Automotive Rocket V8. VLF brought the Rocket V8 to the 2017 Detroit Auto Show to drum up interest for its production run. That's right, this 725-horsepower Mustang is going into production. Motor1 spoke with the automaker and learned that the custom muscle car will cost $120,000, a price which includes the Mustang it's based on.

A six-speed manual is standard and an automatic transmission will be optional. Deliveries start in the spring, with California's Galpin Auto Sports handling distribution as VLF seeks more partners. Spending $120,000 on a custom Mustang sounds crazy, but the package you get is pretty sweet. The V8 engine has been upgraded with a supercharger, giving it a power output of 725 hp and 700 lb-ft of torque. Top speed is 200 mph and 0-60 mph happens in just 3.5 seconds, with 15-inch Brembos providing the stopping power. The carbon fiber body was designed by Fisker and is an improvement over the standard 'Stang, especially that front end. The Rocket V8 comes in both coupe and convertible. No word on if the convertible costs more.

As you'd expect the interior was given a redesign as well, with sumptuous leather Recaro seats and a revised dash highlighting the list of updates. As far as custom cars go the Rocket V8 looks like a winner and should see more interest than either the Destino or Force 1, VLF Automotive's other offerings in the muscle luxury segment. Check out our live shots of the Rocket V8 from Detroit and let us know what you think of Henrik Fisker's take on the Ford Mustang and the company's production plans.

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