Henrik Fisker Shows The World The Rear Of His Tesla-Killing Sedan

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It's got all the makings of the perfect EV on paper, but how will it translate in the real world?

Henrik Fisker, much like Elon Musk, has a habit of taking to Twitter when it comes time to drop crucial information about upcoming products. Fisker previously revealed that his new car company, Fisker Inc, would be building a revolutionary new electric vehicle named the EMotion that would compete with Tesla and undermine the competition with a new battery technology that's never been seen before. He dropped the first image of the EMotion, depicting a silhouette and the car's suicide scissor doors on Twitter.

Weeks later, that was followed by images of the front and side profile. Then just this week, Fisker decided it was time to show off the EMotion's rear end for the world to see. His Twitter caption describes what we see here very well. "Fisker EMotion: Wide sculptural shoulders, thin tail lights & lower rear diffusor to improve aero. Happy Holidays!" said Fisker. Those looking for hints of the Fisker Karma in the EMotion will only be able to draw comparisons between the rear haunches and the window profile. Aside from that, the EMotion looks a lot sleeker than Fisker's previous creation, especially when the aluminum and carbon fiber body is painted in a nice shade of holiday red.

While we saw a trapezoidal hole in the front of the EMotion, which will house the car's autonomous sensors once Fisker partners with a supplier that can deliver the technology, the rear of the car seems to be devoid of similar striations on the body. This is likely because the rear end typically only needs smaller sensors and not the same level of radar and camera hardware as the front does. With the EMotion's cab-forward design and long wheelbase, the interior should feature ample room for the occupants, who should be able to travel in style for over 400 miles thanks to the graphene batteries. If the technology is a success, then it should translate over well to Fisker's proposed Tesla Model 3 fighter. As far as we can see, the styling is a hit.

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