Henrik Fisker To Launch Yet Another Car Company


Hopefully this one stays afloat.

If there's one thing you can associate more with Henrik Fisker than his car design career, it's his seemingly unquenchable desire to set up a successful car company. After coming so close initially with the original Fisker Automotive (now revived as Karma Automotive) and co-leading VLF Automotive, Fisker is now - according to a new report by Bloomberg - claiming he'll be having a third crack at the motor company whip.


Perhaps unsurprisingly, this new company will be focusing its efforts on an premium all-electric car, with Henrik Fisker himself claiming the vehicle will be the "spiritual successor" to the original Fisker Karma. As a result, though nothing concrete on the vehicle is known yet (other than the fact it'll be showcased sometime in the second half of 2017), it's perhaps not unreasonable to expect this new EV Fisker to be something along the lines of an elegant, high-end four-door sedan. For sure, that's not an entirely novel concept in the automotive world anymore, but a Karma-esque road car is still something that we imagine many are quite intrigued by. Especially as this new Fisker vehicle won't just be a revived Karma.

According to Henrik Fisker, he and his company have been "working in stealth mode...for the last two years" in order to create new technologies that "nobody else has" and could "really give us a new paradigm". Again, the fact we know practically nothing about this new Fisker outside of these broad claims means it's impossible to truly verify what Henrik Fisker is saying here, but there's no denying these assertions are especially noteworthy if Fisker isn't spouting a load of porkies. Keep your eyes peeled for this new Fisker that's due to be unveiled within the next 14 months, folks: whatever it ends up being could be quite a landmark car.

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