Henrik Fisker To Reveal Secret Tesla-Fighting Weapon Next Week


See Tesla, this is how you make cool doors without causing delays.

For a designer, unhinged imagination and fail-proof determination is a must when attempting to join the crowded and hungry auto industry. Even for veterans like Henrik Fisker with knowledge and experience of the industry (the man penned the Aston Martin DB9 and other beautiful cars), breaking through with a new and unique brand is no small feat. His first venture, Fisker Automotive, folded in 2013 and left Fisker undeterred from his dream.

Instead of giving up, Fisker decided to give it another go by founding Fisker Inc. Thanks to a single tweet, we now have an idea of what to expect from the young company. Fisker posted the picture of a sleek and modern looking car with suicide butterfly doors open. The caption read, “A Breakthrough: Innovative new butterfly doors in our new Fisker model, for easier ingress/egress. More next week...” Fisker has only been out of the game for a few years, but the industry has already been shaken up by Tesla, which came along with its Model S and now outsells Mercedes’ and BMW’s flagship luxury sedans, cars in the same price neighborhood as the electric sedan. Now Fisker, like Porsche and every other automaker, wants to compete with Tesla.

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Karma's first attempt on Tesla's life will be a sedan that will go toe to toe with the Model S sedan thanks to graphene technology built by subsidiary Fisker Nanotech and supply 400 miles of range, lessened charging time, and an increased lifespan. The sedan will find refuge in the same price range spanning from $65,000 to $158,000. Following that will be a Model 3 alternative that will aim to sell around the $35,000 mark. For this example, Karma decided to give us a dark yet clear outline of the silhouette and funky doors, which look difficult to get into despite the claim that they’ll make ingress and egress easier. From what we can see, Fisker’s new design will be a winner, but did anyone really expect anything less from the famed designer?

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