Here Are 4 Concepts Subaru Has Failed To Deliver 4 Times


Enough's enough, Subaru.

We’ve seen this happen plenty with Subaru: building great-looking concepts and never giving them the production green light. It’s really no secret that Subaru is a fairly conservative automaker, in the sense that it doesn’t like to take too many risks. Then again, the BRZ was something of a risk, but its sales numbers haven’t been all that great. Still though, if Subaru was to turn these concepts into cars we could actually buy, then perhaps it could shed that conservative image forever.

The WRX Concept was revealed two years ago in New York, before the current WRX and WRX STI were launched. For a short time this is what we thought the production car would look like. It didn’t happen. However, a few sources claim this concept is actually a preview of the next generation Impreza, due in 2017.

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Think of the Cross Sport as a jacked-up BRZ hatchback. To say it’s pretty unique is an understatement, but we think this is something only Subaru could pull off. It’s kind of quirky and, if given the proper engine and tuning, could really be awesome to drive. RWD or AWD? We really don’t care because this concept is just wicked cool.

The Advanced Tourer dates back to 2011, with many predicting it previewed a replacement for the now discontinued Tribeca. Right, it’s a wagon, but it has plenty of seating and cargo space and an aggressive stance – elements missing on the Tribeca. It seems that Subaru has given up on a production version, but we think this was a terribly missed opportunity.

Here we go again: another BRZ STI Concept. Round one appeared well over a year ago and so far no production BRZ STI. We know that BRZ sales, generally speaking, haven’t been the best, but a badass BRZ might just be the solution. And so now Subaru has revealed the new BRZ STI Performance Concept at New York 2015. With at least 345 hp and 332 lb-ft of torque, how can something like this not do well? Subaru, you’ve shown us this and now we want it. Don’t make us sad anymore and come through this time.