Here Are 5 Concepts We're Dying To See Make Production in 2015


We can always dream, can't we?

None of these five concept cars have been confirmed for production by their creators. Well, perhaps there's been a hint here or there, but so far nothing. Sometimes an automaker will actually build a well-received concept, such as the case with the Lexus LF-LC. But sadly most of the time, no matter how much the media and public love a concept, an automaker will say it's nothing more than a "design study." This happens too often. So here's our top five list, in no specific order, of the concepts we want made but have yet to be confirmed.

A hybrid Lamborghini? Sure, why the heck not. If Ferrari is now utilizing hybrid V12s, then Lamborghini should be able to do the same with V10s. In this case, the Asterion concept plug-in hybrid, shown at Paris last September. From the outside, it easily looks like a production model. Even the interior doesn't look all that far-fetched. Although there's been some hint of production, Lamborghini seems more intent on its powertrain setup. The thought of a new Lamborghini GT car, however, just sounds extraordinary.

For now, Volvo has made it clear it won't green light the Concept Coupe for production. Instead, it wants to focus on revitalizing its existing lineup, specifically its SUVs and sedans. Actually, that really is Volvo's lineup. There's no coupe or sporty model; the C30 and C70 are gone. So if Volvo wants to increase sales and get some attention at the same time, then a production-spec Concept Coupe is the way to go. It looks absolutely gorgeous and unmistakably Volvo. A production version just needs sufficient power and resemblance the concept as much as possible. Volvo, the ball is in your court. Make this one happen.

From the moment we saw this we just knew it had to reach production. The Nissan IDx is a solid combination of retro styling and modern design. What's more, it's all about a back-to-basics approach to building fun-to-drive sports cars. At the moment, Nissan is torn on the issue of production. Despite all the public enthusiasm, Nissan just can't make the business case. The IDx would likely require its own unique platform and that's expensive to develop for what'll be a niche model. On the other hand, a production IDx could theoretically be built on the next-gen Z car's platform. But then there's the issue of internal competition. Our suggestion: turn the IDx into the MX-5 coupe Mazda has never built.

Holy crap balls, Toyota. Just build this. We prefer you call it, say, just off the top of our heads here, the Supra. Yeah, that'd be a great name. Look Mr. Toyoda, this one is a no-brainer. Make it happen. That is all.

This could have potentially been the current generation WRX STI. But no, it wasn't meant to be. Revealed just under a year ago, the Subaru WRX Concept was an immediate hit. It reminded us what a potential four-door Nissan GT-R could look like. This concept looks fast and ready to kick up some dirt. At the same time, it's a pure Subaru. Rumor has it that it's a brief preview to the next-gen Impreza family. It's possible, but then again, the previous Impreza concept from 2010 looked great while the production version, well, was pretty bland. Keep your fingers crossed.

Honorable Mention: Infiniti Q50 Eau Rouge Yes, this one. Again. First we heard that Infiniti plans to do a production Q50 Eau Rouge, then we hear it's up in the air. Like the Toyota FT-1, this one doesn't require debate. It must happen, especially for a brand that's desperate to rebuild its image. If Toyota is making a sincere effort then there's absolutely no reason why Infiniti can't do the same.

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