Here Are All The Insane Costs Of Owning A Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport

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Yearly maintenance on a Bugatti costs more than a new supercar.

Bugatti ownership is not easy. To get there, you need to work exceptionally hard or get extremely lucky. After amassing your millions and finally spending $3.6 million on a new Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport, you may think that you've made it. But like so many lottery winners have learned the hard way, there's a big difference between affording to buy something and affording to own it. That's especially true for hypercars from the Bugatti stable. With such intricate engineering making up such a machine, keeping it in perfect running order is extremely complex and, as you're about to learn, not even close to being affordable.

According to a Malaysian man named Muhammad Al Qawi Zamani who recently visited Bugatti Singapore, the numbers are eye-watering. Qawi has listed pricing in Malaysian Ringgit, but we've converted to dollars for easy reading. For reference, one US dollar is worth 4.19 Malaysian Ringgit at today's exchange rate.

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Right, so let's get started. The Chiron Pur Sport requires a fluid change every 14 months or 10,000 miles, at a cost of $24,952. This service includes an oil filter, coolant, oil, and cleaning and clearing of 16 drain plug points. Also required in the same period is a change of wheels for optimal high-speed safety, which cost $49,904 without tires. Various rubber options are available, starting with the Pirelli Winter Sottozero 3, the all-season Michelin Pilot Sport PAX, and the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 XL, each of which is made exclusively for the Chiron and each of which cost $7,984 per set. You can't neglect this area as these tires also have a half-life. Fortunately, it's a little longer at 16-18 months, but we haven't even told you about the Chiron's most expensive tire option yet. Owners that want the best acceleration possible will need to fit Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2R TR tires, which ring in at $41,919 a set.

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While we're in the wheelhouse, let's look at brakes. The front discs alone are $49,905 and the accompanying pads are $8,982. Then Bugatti takes another $58,887 for fluids, cleaning, and other maintenance on the brake system. Fortunately, not everything has to be replaced so soon, but there are some items owners may not be expecting. Every 42-48 months, the Chiron needs new air duct coolers at a scandalous $21,958 a set, four new Garrett turbochargers (yes, seriously) at $25,950 a set, and a new fuel tank at $43,916. Bet you've never had to worry about replacing the fuel tank on your Toyota.

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Other items that need replacing at some point include the $60,000 windscreen or even just wiper blades at $3,792. Bugatti will also charge around $28,500 for engine tuning, calibration, and other adjustments necessary after a major service or replacement. All in, Qawi says that owners will pay the equivalent of $384,496 to maintain a Chiron for just four years. That's excluding any additional work that may be required, taxes, labor, the appointment fee, and airlift & traveling costs, which is sure to run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

With such insane costs attached to the maintenance of a Bugatti, it's no surprise that the French automaker has offered buyers around the world a maintenance plan that was recently expanded to North America too, but you can bet that this won't be much of a bargain either.

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