Here Are Even More C8 Corvette Spy Shots For Your Viewing Pleasure

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The striptease continues.

Yesterday our spy photographers managed to snap several images of a C8 Corvette test mule at the Nurburgring. Turns out there was a pair of them running some laps and, fortunately, our photographers didn't go home after catching the first car. Here are even more photos of the far more lightly disguised mid-engined Corvette, with nothing but a wrap job hiding all of its design details.

The first batch of images, unfortunately, didn't offer many views from the front, but that's taken care of with what we've just received. So let's talk front-end design. As we already mentioned, the headlights definitely appear to have an angled look, perhaps similar to the C7's.


Again, the wrap does a pretty good job disguising specifics. The noise is also pointed in what's become Corvette fashion, but as we examined the front, specifically the grille and air vents, it dawned on us what another car it reminds us of: the just refreshed 2019 Camaro. It's not exactly duplicate styling, but the influence is there.

Another car we were reminded of when staring at the C8 from the front, side, and rear three-quarters angle: the original Acura NSX. Go ahead and disagree (or agree), it's fine. There's nothing wrong with the original NSX. It's the second generation we're not the biggest fans of styling wise.

The fact that Chevrolet knew photos and videos would be taken of this pair of lightly disguised C8 prototypes indicates one thing: an official reveal isn't too far out. Our best guess is either LA in November or, more likely, Detroit in January. But one thing is for certain: the biggest change in the Corvette's long history is about to happen, beyond the front-end from pop-up to fixed headlights with the C6.


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