Here Are More Pics Of The 2017 Jeep Compass To Wet Your Appetite


And it's worlds better than its predecessor.

It's odd how manufacturers work sometimes, this is one of those. Jeep released just three pics of it's all-new Jeep Compass, the SUV set to slot in between the Renegade and the Cherokee. The new Compass is manufactured at Jeep's Goiana, Brazil plant, which means they will get it first, and so Jeep has released loads more images of the car for that market. This happened just a few hours after the US ones were released, but this thing called the internet means we can also see.

When comparing the images for the US market and the images for the Brazilian market, the mid-sized SUVs look pretty much the same, not a bad thing at all because it does look good, particularly the Trailhawk model. There will probably slightly different offerings for the US market with regards to tech and interior trim packages, but we can't see them making any serious changes.

The images here are great, we can see everything we need to know, and they tell us that this all-new Jeep Compass should do really well for the brand. The silver one is the rough and ready Trailhawk model, the blue one runs under the nameplate of Compass Longitude and the white one is labelled as the Compass Limited; we're yet to learn what the differences between their spec will be Stateside. The names would probably stay in place in most markets or things will get mighty confusing, especially with a lineup like that has with seventeen powertrain options. Insurance companies are going to have an awesome time updating their systems with this range from Jeep.

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