Here Are The Best Of Today's Automotive April Fool's Day Pranks

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These automakers have a good sense of humor.

Every year, automakers try to release some funny fake releases on April Fool's Day. These releases are usually completely over the top, and include cars with some ridiculous feature that would never be put on a production car. Some of our past favorites include the BMW M3 pickup truck and the Mini Yachtsman, which was basically a Mini with a boat on the front. This year, automakers have outdone themselves - you can check out the pick of the bunch below - plus did you notice any CarBuzz articles today that looked a bit out of place?


The first car on this list comes from boring old Toyota. The car is called the Setsuna and it is made entirely out of wood. This little roadster comes with a 100-year meter in the dashboard that will count the time that you spend with your family. While this is a completely silly idea, we commend Toyota for a light hearted concept that focuses on spending time with the most important people in your life, your family.

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Our next joke comes from Mini. This year, Mini released a fake press release saying that it would be including scissors doors as an option. The press release goes on to talk about how easy it would be to park a Mini with Lamborghini-style doors. However, it was all just a prank. Obviously.

In the United States, you may not have heard of Skoda. However, VW's brand from the Czech Republic may have created the most ridiculous April Fools Day joke that we have ever seen. Skoda's joke is not even a car, it is a snow plow. Named the Snowman, this concept is a 9.13-meter long snow groomer equipped with a snow plough and a snow blower. The Snowman would have 400 horsepower and Skoda says styling is based on its Vision S concept. Skoda makes a real model called the Superb, which has a built in umbrella like a Rolls Royce. In the fake press release, Skoda claimed that the Snowman would have an optional dog umbrella made out of unobtainium. The Czechs must have a great sense of humor.

This next car is actually a pretty good joke from Vauxhall. One of the jokes that people make about small cars like the Fiat 500 or Smart Car, is that they are basically wind up cars. Vauxhall's Adam is among these pint-sized vehicles and now embraces its small stature. For April Fools, Vauxhall has teased the Adam C. The C will be a kinetic car powered by a wind-up mechanism. Vauxhall says that the Adam C is completely zero-emissions and can travel 125 miles with a 15-minute wind up. To reduce range anxiety, the car would come with a buzzer that sounds at the end of the wind-up and a voice that shouts "end of wind-up." While this whole idea is silly, we are sure that someone would get out and crank their car if it meant no longer paying for gas.

This final prank is by far our favorite. That is because we would actually buy this car if it was real. Morgan has teased the MOGrod. The car looks like a classic hotrod with styling features like exposed engine components, a chop-top low roof, enormous rear tires, and skinny front tires. The car is set to be powered by a 3.7-liter V6 from Ford, and Morgan claims to have taken 250,000 pre-orders, THIS MORNING! Even Tesla couldn't get that many on its new Model 3. While Morgan was obviously joking, we would love to see the British boutique sports car maker build this car!

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