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The names of Volvo's full future EV lineup have been leaked.

A month ago, we reported on the new Volvo XC90. We also discussed a new naming structure for the brand's big flagship SUV and its electrified version. Volvo has previously said that the SUV will continue as the brand's halo model, gaining new styling and a new electrified version. While previously this was thought to be called the Embla, we know now it'll be called the EXC90, and it appears that the naming structure will extend to the rest of Volvo's lineup.

As discovered by Auto Express, Volvo has filed a slew of trademarks with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) that suggest the brand is planning all-electric variants or even replacements for its current lineup with the same naming scheme.


In short, Volvo's new structure for these potential models simply slaps an "E" for "electric" in front of the existing name. It's certainly easier to understand what the model is with this simple designation. Changing names up now could hurt Volvo's brand recognition, after all, which is a sentiment that has been echoed by a plethora of manufacturers in the past.

The brand's SUV models will be named as follows: The EXC90 - which we already knew of - will be followed by the EXC60, EXC40, and EC40 - the latter replacing the C40 Recharge. We imagine the brand's current "Recharge" name will stick around for its plug-in vehicles. So, that means a new electric Volvo would be called the 2024 Volvo EXC60, and a plug-in would be the 2024 Volvo XC60 Recharge.

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Trademark filings also show Volvo has picked ES60 and ES90 for its sedans, suggesting these will also be electrified to a greater degree in the near future. On top of those, Volvo now also owns the trademarks to the names EV60 and EV90, which would be the electric equivalents to its current wagon lineup and a neat bit of wordplay.

However, one stuck out to us. Volvo filed for a trademark on the name EX30. Typically, the number following a Volvo's letter designation connotates size. For example, Volvo used to make a small hatch called the C30. This suggests that Volvo is working on some kind of compact model, likely a crossover given its "X" designation.

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Typically, Volvo's SUVs are designated by "XC" which stood for "cross-country" before the brand then released CC versions of its wagons and sedans. The C40 broke that mold but is arguably not intended for any off-pavement duty, so the X30 will likely follow suit in being a city compact.

It's likely the EX30 won't make its way stateside, as US consumers are not fans of small vehicles. Currently, the XC40 and C40 are the brand's smallest models, similar in size to a Toyota RAV4.

Regardless, the Swedish brand has also filed trademarks for EX40, EX60, and EX90. That's a lot of model names, and Volvo isn't exactly in a position to be relaunching all of its models as EVs in one go, plus another four new EVs. Instead, it's likely that Volvo is merely securing all the names it could use in the future to make sure someone else doesn't snag them.

Source Credits: Auto Express

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