Here Are The 'Plan B' Companies Fiat Chrysler Wants To Merge With

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Just about every automaker in the world is an option.

Sergio Marichonne is hell bent on merging Fiat Chrysler Automotives (FCA) with someone, at least according to a new report from Bloomberg. The FCA CEO was recently rebuffed by GM but is still attempting to pressure the American automaker into a merger via its shareholders. Should that fail it appears merging with just about any other automaker is Marchionne's Plan B. Bloomberg reports that FCA is considering approaching Volkswagen as a potential target.

The Agnelli family that runs FCA is put off by the idea of the German auto giant taking complete control in such a deal. For its part VW has said it's not interested. So, what other options are there? The report says "FCA could also approach automakers smaller than GM, such as Japan's Mazda Motor Corp., Honda Motor Co., Suzuki Motor Corp. and Seoul-based Hyundai Motor Co. If all else fails, Marchionne would approach Peugeot, whose CEO Carlos Tavares is in the midst of a fix-it plan." Peugeot seems most likely and the biggest get, but it's a far cry from Marichonne's original goal of GM.

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