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Here Are The Possible New Audi A1 Variants America Will Never Get

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That's because the new A1 itself isn't coming to the U.S.

Last week the world saw the debut of the new, second generation Audi A1 hatchback. Unfortunately, only part of the world will actually get the chance to buy one. North America is not included. Never had been for the A1, which is kind of a shame. And chances are, based on current sales trends, Audi has no immediate plans to bring its latest A1 to the U.S. As with the previous A1 generation, Audi will surely begin offering several variants in both the performance and convenience realms.

Noted automotive rendering artist X-Tomi Design once again applied some imagination with past precedent, and create the rendered A1 images shown here. Based on the second gen A1, we're looking at what the potential RS 1, Clubsport Quattro, A1 Allroad Four, and Avant wagon. Honestly, they all look good and all are real possibilities. We're especially taken with the Clubsport Quattro, considering how awesome (not to mention rare with just 333 examples made) the rendering turned out. We also wouldn't be surprised to see Audi fully electrify its new A1 at some point in the near future.

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At launch, the new A1 will be offered with a range of engines, including a three-cylinder with only 94 hp, to a 1.4-liter four pot with a far more impressive 200 hp. A six-speed manual will also be available for less powerful versions, but a dual-clutch will the sole transmission for the performance-focused models. We're also quite taken with the new A1's stylish and premium interior. Yeah, it's a shame America is missing out on this one.