Here Are The Strangest Car Discounts You Can Get Right Now


Work at Taco Bell? You can snag big money off a Corvette.

The holidays are right around the corner and everyone is in gift giving mode. While most people will be trying to find the best deal on a television or a laptop on Black Friday, car enthusiasts will be looking for the biggest discounts on their favorite models. Carsdirect has already compiled its list of the best Black Friday car deals, as well as a list of the strangest discounts that are available right now. We know that Carsdirect has reported on some incredible deals, like up to $30,000 of a Jaguar F-Type, but these deals are sure to make enthusiasts even happier.

If you're looking for savings on a Chevy Corvette, GM offers supplier pricing to employees of certain companies. This discount sounds difficult to obtain, but surprisingly Taco Bell employees qualify as a GM supplier. We doubt that too many Taco Bell employees have a new Corvette on their shopping list, but perhaps a store manager could save up to $4,385 on a 2018 Grand Sport. The next deal is from FCA for people with bad credit. Normally, people with good credit scores get the best deals, but FCA will offer as much as a $1,500 discount for people with a FICO score of under 620. The deal is only available on a purchase (not a lease) and only certain models will qualify.

This means that you can't just go in and get a discount on a new Hellcat. However, you can get a non-SRT Challenger or Charger, as well as a Journey, RAM 1500, Pacifica or Jeep Cherokee. The third discount is based on attending a local auto show. Many manufacturers will offer up to $1,000 off when a local auto show is in town, although actually attending the show isn't always required. GMC will offer $1,000 off the Sierra 1500 for the San Fransisco Auto Show. There will also be $500 discounts on the Buick Encore and GMC Acadia. This same deal will be available in Las Vegas, Phoenix and Fresno later this month. GM and FCA each have two great discounts on this list.

The second deal from FCA is a lease deal on a four-door Jeep Wrangler. The four-door Wrangler costs $2,500 more than the two-door model, but you can now lease one for $310 a month for 36 months with $2,499 due at signing. The two-door Wrangler is listed at $361 a month for 36 months, which is actually more expensive. This deal is based on stronger residual values on the two-door model. The final deal is actually a bit of a secret. Acura doesn't advertise rebates, but you can now get up to $30,000 off an NSX if you finance through Acura Financial Services. Dealers are not required to offer this discount to you, so be sure to shop around for this one.

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